Tuesday, May 26, 2009

baby crib

So Eli and I found this crib set on Craigslist last night and I was wondering if you guys think its a good deal?? The cost for both is $425.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Eli recently got a moped.
He is super excited about it...
The smoking problem he has
fixed. And he is now driving it
to work. In the one picture
he is with my dad, Beck.

My my folks came up the
weekend we got it.
The bike is a
1978 Cimatti city bike.
He bought it from an
old man in Chicago, well
Caleb Berry actually picked
it up for him and
then a kid at Best Buy
bought a trailer up there
and said he could pick it up
for Eli, which was
good and saved us some $$.

I rode it the other day
and was stalling to cause
our neighbors were standing
outside and was sure
they were going to
give me the stink eye;)
But I rode it around the block
and it was definitely fun!!
But I wont get to ride
it again for a while.

SO this is Eli's new toy....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I didnt think about posting this sooner but I guess now is better than later...

I am showing some of my photographs and I got pretty nervous and stressed about it, but I think that this pregnancy thing isnt helping my stress levels these days.
Emotional Roaring Rollercoaster

I met with Jeff Youngblood last night with Eli and I felt much better about everything, this is my first time to 'show' any of my pictures in a gallery.
Like some of you know Springfield ,MO and KC, MO have 'First Fridays'. And as of last year Joplin started doing something similar except we do ours on the
'Third Thursdays'.

Eli played at one of the art galleries with his band 'The Ripcord Envy' and also again at the Spiva Park across from the library.
Downtown is coming back and its a really good time..Amazing Art and Artists...Good Music...and you can walk everywhere.
Come on everyone bring the kiddies get outside, see people you know and love..and enjoy local ART.

I am selling my stuff and we are also having a
silent auction at the end giving all proceeds to Water Gardens.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Peanut Butter and Tomato sandwich

If you ever feel adventurous, you should try this amazing sandwich!!!
All you do is get some bread and then toast it.
Slap some peanut butter on both sides.
Then slice two pieces of tomato and put it on the sandwich.
And whala....the best snack around:)

Ha most of you are like...ummm yeah that must be a pregnant thing.
But its not.
It took my dad about a year to convince me to at least try it,
when I was living at home.
I mean I love peanut butter and tomato both, but together..that just
sounded disgusting.
But once I took the leap and tried it...I was hooked.
There is just something about them mixed..so good and sweet!
I love it and I hope some of you will too:)

Love B

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

23 weeks

well....im growin one thats for ding dang sure:)

my friend alex took these of me the day we were

taking pics of some of my clothes to put on etsy..

since i cant ever get shmeli to pick up a camera:)

i look ...well im sure everyone will disagree if i say

what 'i' think i look like...but needed some 5monthers...

so enjoy


Friday May 8th...at 7am is when the hale started and then the mix of rain and ridiculously high winds. I knew something was up with the attic window got sucked out and shattered outside the house! We are all well and good other than the window, which by the way is the second time that has happened in the last couple months. In March when Eli was in Chicago I woke up at 4am to the same thing just on the south side of the house. Same window. Craziness! There was a tornado in Alba and one that formed but never touched in a nearing town. We were only out of power for 6 hours, but some of our friends were out for 2 days!

My boss told me someone said they saw an air-conditioning unit blowing down the street.
It was a hard blow, but we are safe.