Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Benfield Belly Shots!

This one is my favorite:)

Good shot

Hey look leg muscles..yeah!

Elevator shaft...good times.

It's so weird for me to see these from the outside lookin in:) I love it though!!

Thanks for making me look good guys!!!

Who wears short that's who, you would too at 100 degrees!

Caution, pregnant lady...

Dale asked if these were the same chucks I wore in the trash the dress session...twas.

Im laughing cause I told them this dress wasnt as short the last time I put it on:)ha

So yeah last Friday Meredith, Dale and I went around Joplin taking belly shots. It was very humid and still hot, they asked me if I wanted to reschedule and I figured if Im going to go through labor, what's a little heat:) I have so much fun with them its great! They do what every good photographers do, make you feel super comfortable and relaxed! I felt like I was just hanging out with them and not so much trying to figure out how I was going to pose they were just snip snappin away with their cameras, I was like, "we're done already".

They did a great job and I love my pictures and
even though Im all huge in the belly, I will cherish these forever....Thanks Guys!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two old codgers from Chicago and their collection...

Walking out of a room full of records.

Bess and her love for lamp shades...

oldies and oddysees

That book was so cool..and that radio sold for $1

I like this reflection.

I wish I had a church building filled with treasure!

Art these frames beautiful!

I could not get over how much stuff there was..

I wish I could have gotten this!

Eli and Heath pillaging...

The stain glass along was priceless.

That one in the middle was as big as my hand!

I used Bess's camera cause I forgot mine, plus she was on crutches...

I wrote this on the 15th but I thought I would share with everyone:)

a silent ball with auction calls
getting lost in timeless flocks
with stacks of world fairs
and slide show affairs

old radios
wireless mics
bolts of fabric
holes in the floor
books from the 1800's
glass slides
life supports
old tv and radio cabinets
book selfs
rolls of movies
brownie cameras
tons of camera lenses all sizes
sound equiptment
brand new ovens from the 50's
stain glass
old military gear
old men
antique railroad set
skeleton keys
flash bulbs
old house coat
leather camera bags
medicine cabinets
old women
projector screens
old movie cameras
old couches
bees wax
strips of asbestos
canisters of film
tape recorders from the 60's brand new
all sorts of antique books and magazines
hand quilted silk comforter
vintage tables
sketch book with someones paintings
the beauty genie
vintage cash register

Thats all I remember off the top of my head.

Main and 11th in carthage
still goin strong today ends at 5
if you are bored today and want
to have some good clean fun.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

28 Weeks 6 1/2 months along

So I wanted to take some more preggo pics and also show off our NEW COUCH:: Eli and I went to an auction at this church in Carthage that had been vacant for like the last 20 years!! and apparently there were two old codgers that were collectors from Chicago. So needless to say it was a sight to behold. Anyway I bid on this couch and bought it for a whole $3 ! So we decided that we are going to see if we can get it reupholstered. Anyway 6M0-New Couch all in one. LOVE, Bmama

I do my little turn on the cat walk....

Hair Extentions
Two weeks ago I helped out a
friend by being her model.
Robyn Paul owns and works at
Dr. Fly's Salon and asked me
if I would be a spokes model for her
salon...Of course I said YES.
Anyway it was fun and she colored my hair
and put some bright red extensions in
my hair as well:)
Apparently my face is going to go on
a poster in the new Redken School
in Webb City.

Art Walk JOMO

These are some of the pictures from the art walk last month that I forgot to post...
Our internet isnt connected at home, BUT it will be tomorrow.
Anywho--I took these pictures later in the night when there werent alot of people
around. I guess I just didnt want to be walking around with my camera at my
own showing..I dont know I just felt weird, plus there were so many people in that place that some times you couldnt even see the photographs...So needless to say great turn out for
the grand opening of Momentum 8 Studio.

lady big

Check out this ginormous lady bug that we found in our kitchen!!! I didnt know they made them that size....


We started this little green patch about two weeks ago... Fun in the sun.
Borrowed Grandpa Boyce's truck and his tiller...Eli worked pretty hard on it.
I helped clean out the sod and Beta helped dig out walnuts:)
I let Beta out to go to the bathroom later and when I looked outside she was just
laying right in the middle in the cool dirt.. she's so cute.
And Eli was getting some sun in his daisy dukes he called them.