Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just thought you would want to see every face he makes, well not every but you know:) Well its day 4 of Eli being gone at the hair show in Chicago but I am coping and he keeps sending me pictures via phone texts but I love it. He is having fun but is really tired.( I posted those pictures on my FB is you wanna see em) Speaking of Em I am hanging out with Emily my sister in law, we had a slumber party per say last night, watched a romantic comedy and had a little wine and rye bread with butter mmmmmmm:) It was a good night, OH and Hannah my other sister in law came over too,.. we had a tea party at the church earlier and they both were there and I thought hey a girls night is in order. Sophie was with her dad and Ivy as well was with her dad:) but Henry kept us entertained and he was a good boy and slept through most of the movie:) And it has continued to be a good next day as Em spent the night and I made breakfast and later lunch and now she is studying for her A and P class whilst I am writing;) Henry is playing but being kinda loud like I can tell he is getting bored and will soon get fussy:) but he has went down twice this mid morning and is being well fed:) I made some guacamole dip from some avocados that my mom gave me last time I was up, kinda forgot I had them until last night before I came home so I bought some chips, that was our lunch. mmmmmgood

Well I think Emily and I might get out of the house for a little bit. Having fun hanging out with her cause I love her so much and it seems like I havent hung out with her in forever even though I see her pretty much everyday at Tim and Mary's. AND the sun is out soooooo Im outa here.

Love Henry and Beth

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love him

Well Eli left for Chicago to help his buddy Caleb with a TIGI hair show again this year. He will be gone a week and just left an hour ago. I think tiny and I will manage but I know that we'll miss him mucho mucho. Eli wanted to buy a new laptop just so he could see HB whilst he was away:) I will take lots of pictures of his growth in the mean time and he can just look at all we did while he was gone. Beta on the other hand I wish was gone for a week cause it seems like when its just me with her and not Eli she thinks she can get away with more and whines a heck of alot more!!! So I guess I tend to let her out more, hence the 'getting away with more' I guess kinda comes into play:)ha Well gotta get ready for work still. Love and orange rocking chairs, Beth


I know all of these pictures are different but I was playing around..
Eli often plays the piano with Henry. And Henry loves it, just stares down hypnotized by the movement and sound. I think he will for sure play the piano some day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I need to write more...

I need to write down all the things that are happening...I think I need to use this as a journal more than I am. I use this to post pictures for my loved ones, and whoever else wants to ooogle over my precious little man:)

Well I am sooooooo ready for the warmth to stay for good this time!! ugh I finally let my toesies breathe some fresh air yesterday, they were pleased with me. Eli informed me it was 70 degrees here was pretty windy, kind of a crisper wind, but yea it was glorious!!! I took some pictures of these to handsome beautiful boys yesterday I am dying to share with you all and especially their mama. Makes me want another little manchild for HB to play with and wrestle with. AHH I keep telling myself wait wait wait a year or two girlfriend...shhhheeesh:)

Henry is so big to me.
He is so perfect.
So loved.
You are the best thang Henry Boyce.
Better than jelly beans.

I better get to bed..I think I lost my chances to make out with my newly clean shaven husband...just to write on this, what was I thinking!!!!..and yes this picture at the top is Eli my husband (5 and a half years young)..when he was clean shaven every day:) Isnt he gorgeous...he kinda looks like little Mogley from the Jungle Book. I would cast him! But for real look at that tan (I know its blk and wh but believe me he was tan) and those lips and ahh so beautiful...still is.