Monday, August 31, 2009

Had to share this...

There is this church directly behind our house and at night it glows:)

Just to give you an idea these are the details on the first photo:

Canon EOS 40D
F-stop f/3.5
Exposure 25 secs.
ISO 200 speed


My Baby shower for HB

I suck at collages

Eli playing with Beta

my toeses

Uncle Danny always torturing someone:)

Grandma Hazel and Grandpa Jay

Paul and Claudia

My Momma

Grandma Pat isnt she lovely!

Aunt Gwen

Mom and Aunt Chris and Claudia picking out aprons from my moms glorious collection.

Aunt Lennis and Aunt Vonya

Hadassah and Lesa

Emily Mya and Tia..all grown up!!

The boys club

The boys club

Gwen, Kim and Grandma


Ana and her baby girl Hadassah

Gettin some lovin

Happy Birthday Lindsay you!

I love this one of Em

Kent and Peter cotton tail....

Eli and I

Im winning...

They crack me up!!

mi Padre`

Kent and Hadassah...after a long day:)

Yah for Henry..
He is going to be so loved Im so excited for him:)
Eli and I went up for the second weekend in August for Buff's wedding (previous post) and I told mom if she wanted to have a shower than that weekend would probably be the last weekend of long distance traveling for me. So she did!! There were a few people I meant to get addresses from like, The Hurts..sorry Beckra Lynn and Judy..I meant to get your addresses and give them to mom, but Im really bad at remembering things:( so please dont be mad at me:(

I am so grateful for all the friends and family that came and I want to say thank you for everything you gave to support Eli and I's new family member. I cant wait for all of you to meet him and I know he will more than willing to let all of you pinch his cheeks and give lots and lots of kisses!!
I love you everyone!!
Thanks mom and dad for everything you do and have done for Eli and I.. when we come up there I just dont want to leave!

Buff's wedding 8/8/09

Buff got married in St Joseph, MO Saturday August 8th !!!! **Congrats girl** After a long grueling 3.5 ride up there because our air-conditioning went out 5 minutes into the drive... we made it up there Friday night. I kept feeling horrible for Beta.. I even got her an ice water at Sonic before we left:) Eli said, 'Im not so much worried about her as I am you'. But I was fine at least I can talk, dogs are so dependent on humans for what they need.
Anyway, the wedding was gorgeous and the reception was fun and entertaining:) I wished I wasnt 8 months pregnant and I could have danced all night with all the aunts and cousins!!! I told Eli I hadnt really been to a wedding that I knew SOOOO many people, like 85% or more!
I got to see Drew Ames (highschool mate) and his girlfriend Kara, we hung out with them all night it was grand. I stayed pretty long, I was proud of myself cause my feet were hurting bad. I also got to see Abby Smith which is always a joy to me. And Tim and Cheryl ...I started crying seeing her dance and sing and laugh on the dance floor. I miss you Bayless's ALL of ya.
Love you Buff!!