Saturday, May 23, 2009


Eli recently got a moped.
He is super excited about it...
The smoking problem he has
fixed. And he is now driving it
to work. In the one picture
he is with my dad, Beck.

My my folks came up the
weekend we got it.
The bike is a
1978 Cimatti city bike.
He bought it from an
old man in Chicago, well
Caleb Berry actually picked
it up for him and
then a kid at Best Buy
bought a trailer up there
and said he could pick it up
for Eli, which was
good and saved us some $$.

I rode it the other day
and was stalling to cause
our neighbors were standing
outside and was sure
they were going to
give me the stink eye;)
But I rode it around the block
and it was definitely fun!!
But I wont get to ride
it again for a while.

SO this is Eli's new toy....


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