Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Speaking of...

Eli and I are venturing down south to Tomball TX for my cousin Sherry's wedding this weekend. We are traveling with my mom, dad and grandma Pat. Eli got ahold of his parents' van for this trip which will be nice, and he told me he would take out one of the seats so I can stretch and take naps.

Anyway we are excited to go on a road trip...but then I wonder how much FUN it will be stopping 3 times more than usual just to let the pregnant lady go pee. Maybe I should just bring a jar....kidding, that's gross:)

Pray I dont randomly go into labor!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Sword's

Eli and I traveled up for a nice long 4 and a half day weekend over the fourth of July. Some of my cousins from Texas drove up to Union Star MO for the holiday (Becky, Dennis, Ty, Gina, Amanda, and Sherry). Out of all the cousins Becky and her family are the ones I get to see the least. It was so nice to get to see all of them.
It's been harder over the years to get everyone together all at once. Everyone is all grown up and has jobs..the cousins that live the closest couldnt even come cause of that. Uncle Danny came which was nice, but Danny tell Aunt Gwen we missed her but Im sure the Barry Manilow concert on tv was way better..haha:)

Becky and her husband Dennis and their boy Ty asked me if I would take some family pictures before we went home..I was more than happy!! And so this is what I did.

Sophie is 2

Emily and I took Sophie out to OCC one morning and played in the creek. She was having fun finding rocks and playing in the water..although I think she got tired of changing clothes and me taking pictures of her. She had been awake for like 45 mins and soon was sitting down and complaining that she needed a nap:) She is growing up so fast and is talking so BIG. My little Sopha.

You can look at all the rest on my flickr site...there are some family pictures of my cousins in between the first and second batch of Sophie pictures.


I am such a slacker!! I havent posted anything for a very long time. Im actually super disappointed in myself.
Because A. I have been taken pictures.
B. I know how to type.
C. Everyone else can keep up with it why cant I ?

Anyway...I am, I will, I must post again. I would now, but dont have enough time.
So I will tonight.

Plus Hannah's (sister-in law) baby shower is tomorrow and I have to write about that.
And maybe interview her on the experience:) I told her Im glad we are doing this together and she's just a step ahead of me in the baby having process, so I get to ask her tons of questions...being a newbie at mother-hood.
Alright, my ride is here.