Friday, August 27, 2010


So last Sunday evening around 7ish our 1996 Ford Windstar had enough. She left me stranded on the side of the road off the hwy about 4 miles north of Naveda. I noticed after I took it off cruise control after having to slow down because of another vehicle that when I tried to excel the RPM's were just revving it UP. This can not be good I said to myself whilst scouting out a good place to pull over. When I stopped smoke just billowed from every which way from up under the van. I got out and looked under the front of the car and straight oil was draining and steaming on the road straight out of the engine or something. Ohhhhhh when it rains it pours.
Immediately before I even popped the hood a man and woman stopped and asked if I needed help...I told them it might be too late for that:) He kinda looked at it but just knew it was bad and I told him I was fine and then they left to go look at a new car..haha. Then Tracey Elefritz came a walkin along with her arm weights, we exchanged names after talking about the situation. She told me I could come hang out at her house about a mile or less down the road if I got scared or anything. I kindly thanked her and told her I would probably stay with the van, she was all I had you know. Then some creeper of an old codger came rollin up in his white mini van and got out and started taking a gander at the damage. He was sweet but overstayed his welcome, knew nothing about what he was talking about but he did open the radiator and pronged it noticing all that was in it was some oil slug at the bottom of it, not good indeed. So people came and went ( the old man was still lingering and told me he saw me from across the hwy from the liquor store and proceeded to tell me how he was living out of his van,,,ahhhhhh creeper) and I finally got ahold of Eli, he was making dinner. When I called he apparently left without grabbing Henry's diaper bag:( but we made it to Walmart later and solved that problem, we'll always need diapers I said. In the meantime another guy stopped and actually pulled over, checked out the engine said I had a cracked head gasket :( and stuck around while I was telling Eli where I was. Later I realized he was sticking around cause he too noticed this old dude was alitte off his rocker. Finally after talking to himself and picking up tire debris from the hwy and throwing it in his van (down by the liquor store) he puttered off. The man said well he seemed harmless enough:) and offered me a soda and after telling him I was fine, he told me that the house closed to me, he knew the people and they are pretty normal but the further you went back they get kinda weird. Then (and here's the kicker) said that across the hwy and over the tracks there lived a registered sex offender HURRAY I said..(good night) and told me what he looked like what he drove and his age. I then told him I was just going to shut the hood and wait in the van, he thought that would be a good idea. Anyway right before Eli got there Tracey (the arm weight walker) rolled up in her black F150 and asked if I was ok, I told her my husband would be there in less than 15 mins. She told me that God has helped her out in so many situations and she felt like she was suppose to give me this, and hands me a 20. I said no and she said it wasnt much and she knew she didnt have to but she wanted to, to help with gas and what not. I started crying, I think cause the whole time I was just calm and the fact that I was stranded really didnt bother me. But when she said all that and unselfishly and out of love gave me this money cause God told her to...forget about it.
So yeah that's my store, we are down to one car and a moped..but its been worse and we ended up leaving the van even after going to Walmart and picking up a tow strap and food and baby stuff, we left her and got home at around midnight(Henry was a freakin angel). Sold it to a local salvage yard in Nevada...done and done.
SOOOOO here are just a couple pics I took while I was waiting.


Blogger Ana-Lou said...

girl, you need to share the one Pre trip - It is sweet! Thank the Lord for his protective provisions!

I LOVE YOU sweet one and am glad that his arm was around you!!!

August 27, 2010 at 5:08 PM  
Blogger Beck said...

What does 2 men (I'll be it a rather small man) + willingness to travel around the world = ?
Answer: Another Bethy adventure.

Sooo sorry but look at God's hand in this as I know you already have.

August 28, 2010 at 4:04 AM  

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