Friday, September 25, 2009

First bath:)

Eli gave Henry his first sponge bath... this was of course the second day we were home:) I'm posting it a little late, but Grandma Mary is holding Henry right now so Im posting as many things as I can.

He was so cute I just love all of his little faces.

henry and friends

Smiles all the time.

Sophie and baby cousin (that's what she calls him)

Aunt Bess and HB

Cousin Ivy came too!

Grandma and Grandpa Irwin with grandchild #7!!

Beta wanted to be held as well.

Grandpa B was amazed Henry could touch his hands on top of his head:)

Great Grandpa Boyce...holding a great grandson named after his dad.

Aunt Lindsay came down for a day.

HB had some visitors the last two weeks....

First Two Weeks With My Bebe

Well, its been amazing being a Mom. I feel like I cant get anything done though:) All I do is feed and change him it seems like. But I am enjoying being home with him and dreading going back to work only because I know I will miss him way too much!
Eli has been working extremely hard for us, working 12hr overnight shifts at work and long hours during the day. I truly admire and appreciate him so much. He has been a great Dad and a great help for me these last two weeks.
Over the last two weeks I've done more his laundry than both of Eli and I's put together:) and in one night he went (wet) through 5 outfits...and managed to pee in his hair and possibly a little in his mouth...yeah I felt like the worst Mom ever that night!!
Henry is becoming a little more fussy this last week, but over all he is the most precious thing EVER! He has continued to smile:) all the time...since day one of being born.
I love this thing called motherhood, and I feel like he is growing right before my eyes!
I have to go cause Eli, Henry and I are going to venture out today and Eli is ready.
Real quick a special thanks to all the people who have brought us dinner this last week, we are very blessed to have such good friends and family!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

first night home

After a long drawn out stay at the hospital we ventured home at about 3 o'clock.
Some of the Chambers came over because all but Mary had gotten to see him at the hospital. Henry was very well behaved of course and everyone got their turn to hold him. They were all impressed and cooed and rocked him in their arms. Emily was giving him lots of lovin:) Oh Auntie Em. I put him in the hat that Aunt Lindsay gave him well before he was fits like a glove. Eli took them while I held little H.

Well Henry's calling for me, more updates soon:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Henry Boyce Chambers 9-12-09

Well we did it.
He's here, after all the waiting and anticipation.
He is perfect!

It was about a 10 hour labor. My water broke at 8am Sept 11th. I wasnt having hard contractions so after I called Eli to come home, we just waited at home. Eli's mom came by to wait with us. We ended up going to the Dr.'s office at about 3:30 to get checked out, because when my water broke it was just trickling out so they confirmed that it was my water that broke. We went to the hospital after that. I started having hard contractions at 2am and had him at 10:52am Saturday September 12th 2009. I did it all natural:)
I can tell you more details later. I wanted to post some pictures so you all could see him.
We love him so much.
My mom and dad came down and my mom is getting to stay for the week.
I do have to say I couldnt have done it without my mom and Eli's mom Mary...they are truly amazing nuturing women...No words can describe my gratitude and love!! And now I have this new respect for them and all women.
Anyway I feel like I could talk about alot of differnt things, but I really need to get some rest.
But here is what is happening now:

He has been staying in the nursery since last night at about 10:30 because his oxygen level was a little lower than they want it to be.
Now he has been off it since 9:30 this morning and has been doing well, but now he is on antibotics they are lowering his dosage but want to watch him until at least Tuesday morning probably. He also has a little jaundice. He is doing well they are just taking precautions and I'm glad.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.
Beth-Eli- Henry