Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I didnt think about posting this sooner but I guess now is better than later...

I am showing some of my photographs and I got pretty nervous and stressed about it, but I think that this pregnancy thing isnt helping my stress levels these days.
Emotional Roaring Rollercoaster

I met with Jeff Youngblood last night with Eli and I felt much better about everything, this is my first time to 'show' any of my pictures in a gallery.
Like some of you know Springfield ,MO and KC, MO have 'First Fridays'. And as of last year Joplin started doing something similar except we do ours on the
'Third Thursdays'.

Eli played at one of the art galleries with his band 'The Ripcord Envy' and also again at the Spiva Park across from the library.
Downtown is coming back and its a really good time..Amazing Art and Artists...Good Music...and you can walk everywhere.
Come on everyone bring the kiddies get outside, see people you know and love..and enjoy local ART.

I am selling my stuff and we are also having a
silent auction at the end giving all proceeds to Water Gardens.


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