Friday, September 25, 2009

First Two Weeks With My Bebe

Well, its been amazing being a Mom. I feel like I cant get anything done though:) All I do is feed and change him it seems like. But I am enjoying being home with him and dreading going back to work only because I know I will miss him way too much!
Eli has been working extremely hard for us, working 12hr overnight shifts at work and long hours during the day. I truly admire and appreciate him so much. He has been a great Dad and a great help for me these last two weeks.
Over the last two weeks I've done more his laundry than both of Eli and I's put together:) and in one night he went (wet) through 5 outfits...and managed to pee in his hair and possibly a little in his mouth...yeah I felt like the worst Mom ever that night!!
Henry is becoming a little more fussy this last week, but over all he is the most precious thing EVER! He has continued to smile:) all the time...since day one of being born.
I love this thing called motherhood, and I feel like he is growing right before my eyes!
I have to go cause Eli, Henry and I are going to venture out today and Eli is ready.
Real quick a special thanks to all the people who have brought us dinner this last week, we are very blessed to have such good friends and family!


Blogger Ana-Lou said...

Bethy - He is soooooo handsome! I just love his face, HIM!!!! I love the pictures!!! ALL of them, but extra specially is the one with your family of three generations! ;-P I knew you'd be a wonderful mommy!!! What a JOY!

September 26, 2009 at 10:49 AM  

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