Monday, August 31, 2009

Buff's wedding 8/8/09

Buff got married in St Joseph, MO Saturday August 8th !!!! **Congrats girl** After a long grueling 3.5 ride up there because our air-conditioning went out 5 minutes into the drive... we made it up there Friday night. I kept feeling horrible for Beta.. I even got her an ice water at Sonic before we left:) Eli said, 'Im not so much worried about her as I am you'. But I was fine at least I can talk, dogs are so dependent on humans for what they need.
Anyway, the wedding was gorgeous and the reception was fun and entertaining:) I wished I wasnt 8 months pregnant and I could have danced all night with all the aunts and cousins!!! I told Eli I hadnt really been to a wedding that I knew SOOOO many people, like 85% or more!
I got to see Drew Ames (highschool mate) and his girlfriend Kara, we hung out with them all night it was grand. I stayed pretty long, I was proud of myself cause my feet were hurting bad. I also got to see Abby Smith which is always a joy to me. And Tim and Cheryl ...I started crying seeing her dance and sing and laugh on the dance floor. I miss you Bayless's ALL of ya.
Love you Buff!!


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