Monday, March 8, 2010

I need to write more...

I need to write down all the things that are happening...I think I need to use this as a journal more than I am. I use this to post pictures for my loved ones, and whoever else wants to ooogle over my precious little man:)

Well I am sooooooo ready for the warmth to stay for good this time!! ugh I finally let my toesies breathe some fresh air yesterday, they were pleased with me. Eli informed me it was 70 degrees here was pretty windy, kind of a crisper wind, but yea it was glorious!!! I took some pictures of these to handsome beautiful boys yesterday I am dying to share with you all and especially their mama. Makes me want another little manchild for HB to play with and wrestle with. AHH I keep telling myself wait wait wait a year or two girlfriend...shhhheeesh:)

Henry is so big to me.
He is so perfect.
So loved.
You are the best thang Henry Boyce.
Better than jelly beans.

I better get to bed..I think I lost my chances to make out with my newly clean shaven husband...just to write on this, what was I thinking!!!!..and yes this picture at the top is Eli my husband (5 and a half years young)..when he was clean shaven every day:) Isnt he gorgeous...he kinda looks like little Mogley from the Jungle Book. I would cast him! But for real look at that tan (I know its blk and wh but believe me he was tan) and those lips and ahh so beautiful...still is.



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