Friday, August 14, 2009

Ivy Elizabeth Chambers

Ivy was born August 11th 2009 at Freeman Hospital. She was born at 7:30pm after a pretty long labor at 7lbs 10oz. She a little fighter girl!
I got to the hospital about thirty minutes before she was born, but we still had to wait a little bit longer to see her. I had to go get Uncle Eli from work, once we came back she was in the 'glass room' getter her bath and getting her temperature up. We did lots of watching and waiting and picture taking:) For a while it was Tim, Mary, Eli, Em, and Sophie and I. It was so hard for me to just stand there and watch, I wanted to hold her soooo bad!! All in good time, we did get to see her in the hallway for 5 secs before she went to see her mama again. She is so beautiful, even with those prize fighter swollen eyes!! So SO pretty. Good job parents:)

Nathan holding Ivy after her bath.

Oh My Goodness!

Looking at Daddy


Trying to get her warm..I really like this pic.

Waiting game....

Hannah's brother and mom


I know what she wants:)


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