Friday, August 28, 2009

Art Feeds

I took some pictures for my dear dear friend Meg who is the soul founder and leader of Art Feeds...I took some pictures for her, as I do..and wanted to let you see them and read about what wonderful things she is doing.
She is currently trying to raise money to go to Africa this can buy a shirt and support the cause!


ART FEEDS is geared toward creating change for kids through ART. Our organization goes

into local schools and works with children to provide an avenue for creativity and expression. It is about kids,

community, creativity, and love. We believe in doing what you love and changing the world

with it, we love art. So this is what we do to create change. ART FEEDS is about finding giants within

these kids, and giving them tools to achieve their dreams. We want to live by the lessons the children of ART FEEDS teach

us. That is to give generously, love naively, and to be foolishly compassionate.


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