Saturday, September 5, 2009

the first kick of the day
gives a sudden awareness
like a hole in your tooth
raise your hand and
beat the sun's answer
try and keep the water down
takin a walk and thinkin of future ways
go to work and remember present pain
the second kick sends you
to your knees
like an emergency attack
from killer bees
my eyes tire from 20lb keys
blood boils and licks my brow
my alter ego appears
with an eye-patch and
a six pack of beer
signing out nods and
giving pats on the back
going home and looking at old photos
listening to old voices
pounding in the truth
the truth will set you free
with a hole in your tooth
and a blown-out bended knee
my heart feels like
a leaky carburetor
i need spare parts on hand
the final kick beats me to sleep
sends me whirling into space
seeing dark ones with golden eyes
living on violet grass and
waiting for the final ship
to take them home
come take me home


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