Friday, November 20, 2009


I am so excited for the holidays with Henry! I know he wont remember them but I will and I know it's going to be a blast, with extended families and food and love. Eli and I both have to work the day after Thanksgiving this year, him because it's Black Friday and me because we are moving into our new building (the old Hank's furniture store on Rangeline). So I think I might head out early to the Chambers on Thursday to help Mary with the *feast making*. I hope it'll be nice that day because Tim asked if I would take family pictures of the people still living in the house, for the church website. I told him yes, of course, but also I was thinking they haven't had a family picture since people have gotten married and opted for a group picture...I could set up a tri-pod! We shall see, I'm sure it'll work.
I am a little sad I won't get to see the "Starians", but Mom called me the other day and asked if they could come down next weekend!! So that's exciting. Eli and I both have to work, but of course they don't care cause they said they would babysit:) I no longer exist..ha.


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