Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cause I'm a lady....

Arent these awesome!

HItchcock profile...but obviously BETTER:)
Ivy girl
Grandma and Ivy

Kai Benfield
That hair is so great.

Lynn and HB
Love this...
HHHHeeeeeyyyy MOM
Those eyes are for real!!! What a sweety.

Oh my baby-son

Nan and I
Had to put this in color this time:)
Bess n Ivy
Nate n HB
Ivy Elizabeth and Henry Boyce
Look at that Elvis smile:)


Ahhhh so is so good.

Nate Nan Ivy

Love this one.

CCOJ had a tea party for ladies buy Henry was just dying to go:) cousin Ivy was also there in all her glory...I love her. Leanne's little one Kai was there too. Love that hair and the picture where he looks like a little prize fighter..ha so freakin cute he is AH.
Nathan (my brother in law) came later so I thought I would take their family pictures...Bess was there and took some of Hannah and I with our little ones...finally:)

Also I've been back to work this week. It flew by and was alot easier than I thought it would be. Mainly because I knew he was in good hands...Thanks Mary!
I am working for about 3 hours which I could work longer because there is always stuff to do at my job. But I like going in doing my job and leaving...I get something accomplished and still get to be with Henry most of the day. Mary is also watching Sophie my niece who is 2...and she cant seem to grasp that Henry is not Ivy:) This is a normal conversation between her and I:
Sophie: Where is baby Ivy
Me:You mean Henry
Sophie: Hen er y (she makes his name into 3 syllables)
Me: Sophie is Henry a boy or a girl?
Sophie: boy
Sophie: I want to kiss her.
Me: Him
Sophie: Him

I think she'll get it..every once in a while she'll get it right;) oh Sophia you are such a doll!


Blogger Lissa Creates said...

Those pictures are so wonderful! I love the picture of nathan, hannah and ivy together. It is so cute to have the cousin's pictures together. My mom has a few of me and my sisters with our cousins when we were tiny; and they are my favorites.

November 18, 2009 at 6:01 AM  

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