Friday, January 1, 2010

my baby and jason lee

Hope everyone had an awesome new year! We celebrated by doing nothing:) and then later went out on a date with some friends at Crabby's for dinner and HB stayed with his Grandma Mary and Papa Tim for a couple of hours. We ate with Lane, Abby Clevenger, Abby's sister Brooke who moved to town two hours prier, Josh LeMasters, Lynn Fleshman, and Caleb Berry (who was in for the holidays from Chicago). It was a fun evening, but by the time dinner was over we were excited about getting Henry back:) I left Mary my Blackened Salmon Oscar dish;) and we headed home for a long winter's nap. We put HB to bed and stayed up watched the ball drop on the telly, had a kiss, said happy new year and went to bed. Woke up without a care in the world except for the fact that its so cold in our house, I sometimes feel bad when my babies have cold fingers:( So I bundle them up tight, I love that hat.



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I think so:)

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